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Make it more competetive

Make it easier to compete against other users, so that the game can have a casual and competitive side, and you can befriend other players and become more community-driven. Even possibly have global competitions, hosted by the game itself, in which the game advances in a last man standing sort of style by getting a certain distance near to a location, or the closest people advance to the next stage.
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  • A global challenge won't work sadly as people will just use Google (well if everybody use it, it is not really a problem) or just cheat by looking at the coordinates with some script or cheating tool. It's very easy to find them.

    If you want competition, you can find some communities of players, like the dedicated subreddit where lot of challenges are posted daily.
  • Fair point. They could theoretically create a desktop app for the game, an anti-cheat software alongside it, and some mechanism to stop external help, idk if it's possible to lock people into a game until they quit or something. That's quite some effort though regardless.

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