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Make challenge results open for all

I’m developing a cool discord bot that acts like leaderboard between me and some friends.
I can register a challenge link, and afterwards pull results from that challenge through the discord chat
The problem is that it cannot get the results from challenges it has not played itself.
Why? Could you change this?


  • It is to prevent cheating (people used to replace challenge by results in the URL to get the answers very easily). Maybe you can make the bot "play" the challenge (by putting random guesses) so it can view the results.

    For you information the API is not supposed to be used by us, it is only for the game to work. They still let it public but things can change or break at any time and support is not provided.
  • Hi Mapper, thanks for your reply.

    GeoGuessr has exploded in popularity it seems, and a public API would make it so much easier for us players to create services that would add value to GeoGuessr.

    I totally get that measures like this have to be done to protect the game from cheating, but if they provided a simple public API, it could disclose results in json without giving away anything else.

    ie a api/v3/results/xxxx or similar could return something like this, but properly structured.
    Rank: "1",
    name:"Person Persson",

    A lot of other data could be made avaliable too that could really help making cool stuff for streamers and web devs,that will benefit geoguessr too. And it's most likely very easy for you to make this too!

    A similar example are fantasy football games, where devs pull data and make great products that benefit all parties.

    As for cheating...that is a whole other story. Its very simple to make cheats with the current API implementation. But unfortunately i do not have any suggestions on that.

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