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Love this game. I'm glad to pay.

I think less than $24/yr is well worth the enjoyment I get out of this game.  I am addicted to travel, so when I'm not traveling this is some nice escapism. My son and i like to sit together and try to figure out the more obscure places and more than once I've thought about learning the Cyrillic alphabet to help me out with Russia. Anyway, keep up the good work.


  • I'm sorry for the shitstorm the team have to endure.
    Great concept, great game, people must understand that sadly everything have a cost, and 2$/month for Geoguessr is a great deal !

  • I agree that being paid is OK, but a monthly¬†payment? What little online games have such a payment scheme? I would pay up to $20 as a one-time-purchase, but I am NEVER paying monthly/yearly for this.
  • You can't have a one pay plan because every time you play you generate costs for the devs. So if you pay only once and then play too much, you will start generating more costs than the payment you did and devs will have trouble.

    The only way I found to avoid subscription would be buying game packages. Like "pay $2 to get 50 games" (random prices, I don't know actual costs). This would be better for people that only play one game sometimes.

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