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Love it! One major feature to add to pro though...

Man I'm late to the party, but I am so hooked. I would LOVE to have a true history of games played, with the coordinates to where it was along with what you guessed. Geeks love stats and data (and I know you folks are the same way, what with making a geography/puzzle browser game :-D)  I would pay for pro in a heartbeat if that was included as an extra feature. In any case, this is a wonderful corner of the internet, thanks for making such a simple yet awe-inspiring experience.  Even still images of places you've never thought about starts to open the mind!
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  • Hi! Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the history, the feed should contain all activity for any given player and their friends. However, If I understand you correctly, what you are describing is more like a travel log containing guesses and locations over time, perhaps projected on a map?


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