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Love GeoGuessr!!

My grandson brought this game to my attention at Christmas time and I have been playing it since.  I've never been good at geography but thanks to this game I am learning a lot about the world.  I find it fascinating.  So many places I didn't know existed and will never see in real life, so thanks GeoGuessr!
I don't play the daily challenge because a timer takes all the fun out the game for me. I'm a senior citizen and I think a little slower, but I love working to find where I'm at. I use every resource and I won't think of it as cheating, not when I am learning so much and having such a great time doing it.
I really enjoy working towards the badges though I don't understand most of them.  I wish there were more, I like the incentive.  Anyway, just saying, I love this game!
Claudette Mosier


  • Hi Claudette,

    Glad to hear that you enjoy it, that means a lot to us!
    Thanks for the feedback on the badges, we'll have to work on that..

    Have a great day!



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