Lost all my activities

Today all my activities disappeared, I tried to logout and login again, change password, nothing changed. I paid 2 or 3 days ago for another 1-year subscription, could it be a bug with this ? Can I have my activities back ?


  • Hi,

    Its a bug Im afraid but we are working on getting it back asap! 😀

  • Any news on this? I seem to have lost my activity history as well.

    All older games on https://www.geoguessr.com/me/activities have disappeared. I'm not sure when it happened since I didn't play for a while. For games where I have the challenge link I can still see the results, so it appears the data still exists in some way.
  • Hi -- It looks like it has been a while since this topic has been revisited, so I wondered if there's any ETA yet on getting the activities back? (I also wondered if the lost activities would impact the statistics on the new interface -- I had gold in all the countries on Explorer, but they're not showing on the stats.)  Thank you.
  • If you are referring to the previous one where some activities were lost pre June this will not be fixed.

    But no statistics or medals have not been removed on the new interface.They are all there so either you are logged in to another account or they are here - https://www.geoguessr.com/me/profile

    Explorer Medals in the top left corner - https://www.geoguessr.com/classic
  • Hello, I also lost all my progress with the new interface. Also the photography of my profile, I had a lot of gold countries in the explorer mode and good strakes. Can I somehow get them back?
    Nacho Morales Cuadrado
  • Hi,

    Then you are most likely logged into the wrong account. We have not removed any progress.

    I can see that you have not logged into the account on this email which was connected with Google-login in a while. So im guessing that was the issue. I have removed the Google-connection so you can login with the email and a password.

  • Hello, the email I use for my account is  and it is the only account I have with premium. I lost all progress 😔
    Nacho Morales Cuadrado
  • You have another subscription active on - x@gmail.com. So that is where all your progress is.

    If you want to cancel the subscription on x@hotmail.es let me know.

    If you want me to change your email send an email to subscription@geoguessr.com and confirm the following:
    - Last 4 digits of the card
    - Expiry date
    - Email you wish to use.


  • That is right, that was the problem. I would like to cancel the subscription of the  xxxxxxxx1@hotmail.es  one. Also if it is possible to delete these comments where my email adress appears, thank you so much.
    Nacho Morales Cuadrado
  • Absolutely,

    I have cancelled it from my end and it will expire on the 17th of November and I have removed the email from the posts.

    Let me know if you need any further help!

  • Thanks for everything 👍
    Nacho Morales Cuadrado
  • No worries at all, glad it was resolved! 🙂

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