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Looks like a bot
Consistently scoring 25000 games, dozens (hundreds?) of times a minute. Makes World map activities feed unusable and the map basically not fun to play...



  • This bot is active again. You really should do something with this...
    Marek Włodarz
  • Can you do something? I know, it's Sunday, but this bot destroys game...
    Marek Włodarz
  • It's clearly a bot. It plays an average of 3 games per second. While I don't see why it makes the game unplayable (the latest activities are not that interesting, and it just plays non-challenge game on it side) that could be a problem for the website itself as the bot is going to explose the Google API usage, thus increasing the fees a lot. Devs should deal with that as soon as possible if they don't want to be shut down.

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