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Locations Jumping/Can't Select Certain/Displaced Locations

Here are all the minor bugs related to location selection in the map maker editor:

1. Location Jumping to Another When Clicking Save Location:
When you click Save Location in the map maker on a location, sometimes it can jump to another nearby location if it's close to it. It can happen here:,-70.1564173,19.75z . It can especially happen if the locations are displaced (described below under point no. 5).

2. Location Jumping to Another When a Photosphere or Custom Street View is Added Nearby:
This is after the maps are created, the location can change on itself if there is a photosphere or custom street view added very near to it. Happens, for example, on the roads in Kentucky, which have both the official and custom street view.

3. Cannot Select Streetview Locations from Nearby Photospheres:
When there are a lot of photospheres near a streetviewed part, there is no way to select the street view that is inbeetween them, because wherever you click you'll end up in a photosphere, which is selected even if you click nearby to it. The solution to this though can be to select a different part of the road and then move to the location in the location window to your desired spot along the street view. This problem can, for example, happen if you try to select street view at the end of this same road I linked above:,-70.1564173,19.75z and is probably also a google problem, as I see it happens on Google Maps too, but it seems less than in GeoGuessr when clicking on Save Location.

4. Stacked Up Photospheres Cannot Be Selected:
When there are a lot of photospheres stacked up on the exact same location, which can happen if the photospheres aren't put at their exact GPS location, or if they don't have one, and they are instead just listed under a place name where they are found, you can only select one photosphere which is on top, and the other ones are inaccessible. One solution could be to add that dropdown window which appears on Google Maps in the bottom and which shows all the photospheres in the location you are looking at, and let us select from there, though I don't know how this would work and whether it's implementable and/or viable. This window could also solve some of the other problems also listed in this thread.

5. Certain photospheres are displaced and aren't actually found at their actual location where there is a blue circled dot on the map, but when you click on them, the pin is displaced somewhere else. This too can mess up the location selection, although I think this could rather be a problem from Google, as it's probably the same on Google Maps. Some of the things in this same place as above are displaced too, for example:,-70.1564173,19.75z

I'm sure people were already aware of most of these, but here they are listed if this could be helpful for anything and fixing them.



  • All of this is linked to how Google Maps work and only Google can change that. Basically the panoramas that make Streetview are not located on the blue line, but placed according to the GPS data of the Google car. Most of time you'll guess right in the middle of the road on the map, but the exact location will be a bit off (sometimes it can be off more than 40m). This happens because Google Maps is not actually very accurate in terms of road placement on the map. Looking at satellite view often shows the shift. And when you add a location on Geoguessr, it will save the GPS location and not the blue line location because that's how the Maps API works.

    The Mano del Desierto is a good example: on the map you only see one straight road that randomly ends, but in reality the car did a loop around the hand and that's why th pin will be placed not on the road but around the hand location (and then it will select a photosphere because it is closer than the blue line).

    The only thing Geoguessr can do is to add a check for not selecting photosphere instead of the regular blue line, as photospheres have a specific tag in the API. Checking this tag would allow the map editor to only select regular Streetview locations. That is possible because I myself managed to do it when experimenting with Google Maps API. But it will probably still pick the photosphere when creating the challenge because Google Maps like to prioritize photospheres over regular coverage (try to randomly click somewhere in the world at a low zoom level and you'll see how much photospheres are selected). There is still another parameter that can be changed, which is how far clicking in the void will try to pick the closest Streetview location but if you lower it too much then it will become a pain to select places as you will have to zoom a lot to click right on the blue line. Otherwise, your click will do nothing. So it's pretty much a dead end there.

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