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locations appear to be off

really enjoy playing this with my son, basically using any and every clue to get an exact pinpoint by going backwards and forwards between the game and google maps.. quite a few we have been standing directly in front of named shops/restaurants, pinpointed them to the metre on Geoguessr and then are told we are two+ miles or more off?.
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  • Are you sure you're guessing on the place you started and not your current location? You can click the flag button on the left to go back to start.
  • I just came to report a case where I was standing next to an obelisk in Istanbul and the game said the actual spot was 250 yards away. There’s no way - you wouldn’t have been able to see the second obelisk from that location. In the photo, it was right next to the Walled Obelisk but the game map said the spot was behind the Sultan Ahmet Camii.
  • Hi guys

    Unfortunately we sometimes encounter these problems which is due to incorrections in Google's data. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about these since the problem is on Google's end, but it would be very helpful if you give these locations a rating after the round so that we have this data recorded.


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