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Location map, I can't see roads

The base color of the map and the roads are the same color, is this a problem with google? Bing maps work fine. I'd love to play but its too frustrating.

any ideas how to make the roads visible on the map?

Help much appreciated, its a great concept and I could play all day exploring the world, I just can't see the roads to make a guess
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  • That's indeed a problem with Google and their stupid ideas they like to have recently. They changed the colors of the maps to something less visible...

    Geoguessr can change the style if they want and I think this would be a good idea. They can even add multiple styles with a choice with the API.

    You can check different styles and modify the map colors with this tool: This of course won't be applied to Geoguessr or any maps on the web but it can be interesting to suggest some styles I guess.
  • I can see the roads and some street names.
    Jay Scott

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