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Location Feedback: Additional Options


My propose is to add a new option to location feedback options, which has strong "semantic" and "human-minded" flavour.
If map location is lovely: add option "Interesting location to guess".
If map location is not such good, add option: "Boring or hard to pinpoint".

This approach have some advantages:
1) you gain brand new, semantic, "human-minded" metric of location quality;
2) you will collect the whole new data about locations from "user experience" point ov view.

The main proposal reason is that some locations are not descriptable with options, offered by default.

Let me explain.

Sometimes the good location does not have a good scenery, and maybe even hard to pinpoint, but FOR SURE worth it to guess it (by "user experience" reasons). And opposite: sometimes the location has a nice scenery, a lot of clues, perfect technical performance, but simply boring or simply stupid to pinpoint (such as long bridges or long roads along the fence or wall or trees), sometimes even nearly impossible to pinpoint. Or maybe some rural (suburban) locations, where one street looks exactly like an another in 10 km: in this case the harder to pinpoint (5000 pts) - the lesser "user experience value" of that location.

Of course, you collect some basic "UX" data by just rating place with stars (1-5), but this approach is not enough in the era of semantic technologies.

At fist glance my propose may be seemed as hollow, but think about it, and you probably should agree that here is the nutshell of the whole "cool places geoguessing", and not just "scenic" issues.

I attached two different cases:
1 - UI screenshot with feedback of location, that "worth it to guess".
2 - Location screenshot that fails the immersion of geoguessr.

Have a nice day, best wishes!
Alex Tengu

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