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Location errors when guessing.

As often as not, the game says my actual location if different than where I guessed although it's not. Most often it says my actual location is where I started. Other times it puts me a few miles away in the middle of a field or something. The location the game indicates as correct is almost never 100% correct when I guess.
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  • You have to guess the starting location, not your current location.
  • Much of the time it scores according to my current location.
    Ross Newton
  • You said in your first message "Most often it says my actual location is where I started." and now you say the opposite. Please make a choice...

    You have to guess the starting location, that's how the game works since it was created in 2013. The score will be calculated between the starting location and your answer so if you guess at your current location obviously you will never get 5000 points (except if you didn't move).
  • It seems to bounce between the two saying my current location is where I am and where I started. I have scored 5000 points before without being at my starting location. Once I chose my starting location without moving at all because I recognized it. I didn't get 5000 for that one. However, I consistently score between 24,700 and 24,900 selecting my current position as the guess. Since I couldn't find any written instructions for the game and my scores were pretty good, I assumed I was playing correctly.
    Ross Newton
  • You can't choose a starting location. You have to guess the place you are when the round starts. With the flag button on the left of the screen you can go back to this location to be sure you'll guess it correctly.

    Your current location (after you move from the initial location) does not matter. You do not need to go back to some specific place before guessing.

    You get good scores because you never move too far from the start (except if you move for hours) so by guessing your current location you always guess close to the actual starting location. But to get 5000 points you must guess where the round started.
  • Thanks. Scored a 24,998.  Knowing the rules helps.
    Ross Newton

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