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Localized Challenges by Request

Hi there,

I'm a huge fan of Geoguessr and spent a good amount of my paid worktime clicking through deserts and endless wilderness on all the continents. I've never been very good at geography and my interest thus has always been rather meager. However, after my first challenge I could hardly stop and I found myself browsing on multiple tabs simultaneously to try and localize myself as accurately as possible. Not that I remember much about the places I've visited with Geoguessr but it sure involved me in a way no geography class was ever able to.

Now, I'd like to pass on the fun – but with a very locally focused vision. I want to challenge people to their regional knowledge in a particular Canton in Switzerland. And thus my question is:

Is there any chance you guys would enable a very local challenge within a dedicated area in Switzerland? And if so, what are your fees for collaborations like this?

Thank you so much for your reply!


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  • Hi Jesse

    Thanks for the feedback, and it's great to hear that you're enjoying it (not sure what your boss would say though ;)). Allowing players to create their own custom maps is a feature that a lot of players are asking for and something that we have planned for the future, in one way or the other. Please keep and eye out on the site or our twitter feed for the latest updates!

    Kind regards,

  • O jogo errou ,falei quer estava na Uruguai e estava certo .È mostrou que eu perdi.
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