Live Multiplayer


I have a suggestion for a live-multiplayer mode. Like everything is normal, but after you gussed the picture, you come into a sort of waiting room. After all players finished guessing or time ran out, you see all players locations and earned points (and other players see the same obv). Then after all players clicked ready or a timer is up, the next picture shows up.

I know, if I play a multiplayer round, the player who guessed last sees all this. but the players who gussed frist just see their one vote and can only see the results after all 5 pictures are finished and all players have finished. It would be way funnier if it is some sort of "live" competition.

I think this could attract a lot of streamers who bring new players. And I think it would be very funny with friends.

Sorry, english is not my native langugae. If you dont understand what my point is or if you have any question, just feel free to ask 😀


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