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Live Challenges - guesses not registering

Hi, I was playing Live Challenges today when my fellow players noticed that each time they had placed their marker on the map and didn't click "Guess" before the timer ends, they would get zero points. No issues if you click "Guess" before the timer runs out, but many players found this behaviour frustrating because in normal, timed challenges this is not the case, you get your points like usual when the timer runs out.
Would greatly appreciate if this issue was adressed soon.



  • Hello,

    Thanks for your feedback! I will mention it to the team but can't make any promises - I suggest mentioning to your friends to lock in their guesses meanwhile.

    Have a nice weekend 😀
  • Hello, I have the same feedback here. This is especially frustrating because it didn't use to work like that.

    I've been playing Live Challenges with friends for over a year now, and this new behaviour is easily ruining the games we've played yesterday. The workaround we're currently using is to set the maximum time limit instead and to use an external timer for the real time-up, which is less than ideal.

    From my understanding, this "don't register the non-locked guess" behaviour is for BR and Distance challenges, which is understandable, but I fail to see how it makes sense to extend it to some other modes (Live Challenge and Quiz are the other ones I've noticed this happening).

    For information, the last game we've had that with the old behaviour was on July 27th (though we haven't played between then and yesterday, so the change might have happened later).

    I've seen Filip mention in other tickets that something is in the backlog for something similar; is there any way we can track the follow-up on this? I don't want to use the workaround forever, especially if it does get reverted.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Just coming here to say I have the same issue with Live Challenges and it would be good to know if this a bug or a permanant change to how the game works. I hope the former and that it can be fixed soon.

  • We have raised it to the team again, so we shall see if we can sort out so it will auto-guess like the other modes. 👍
  • Awesome, thank you!
  • Update: should be fixed in the next coming days. 👍

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