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List of problems I've discovered recently:

1. Some locations are wrong. Sol's Bakery and Cafe is located in Australia, but you have the correct answer as literally being in the ocean IN THE WATER somewhere below Japan, not even on a landmass or island.

2. Mapillary is hot, hot garbage. Some locations are just a single still photo that isn't panoramic or 360. Literally impossible to discern any information on where you are (Sol's Bakery's location is an example, you cannot move around or go down the street).

In some cases, the movement controls vanish until you toggle straight down where all you can see is the top of the camera vehicle. Useless.

Some cases, you are offered a massive set of movement controls that go in every direction, two forward arrows, u-turn, turn to the side, and you click on any of them, and it takes you to a totally different map location. I went from Germany to some jungle and the correct "answer" to the starting point was neither of those locations. Again, makes the game literally impossible.

Some cases you are only allowed to move a few feet forward or backward. Again, impossible. In some of THOSE cases, you can only move incrementally in a foot or two, so you have to click the arrow 200 times to move just past a building, only to find out the data stops there and the only option is to move backwards to where you started. Again, impossible.

On all the free maps, "Return to starting point" does not work. EVER.

In my last game, I guessed location #4 within a few yards, but for location #5 the streetview never reset from #4. So I had to forfeit #5.

3. I picked the wrong location within Australia on a map and the game penalized me not for the few miles I was off but actually went the opposite direction AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD and penalized me for the entire circumference of the planet all the way back to the correct location in Australia.

4. I cannot find any way to report or alert devs to these issues.

I have strongly considered paying to go pro but with so many issues that seem to be simple fixes (wrong location answers) and no real pipeline to report issues, I don't feel like this game deserves to be paid for.


  • The free map is the only one using Mapillary. Since the game was built with Google Maps in mind, the Mapillary integration is very bad and incomplete (they kinda rushed it to save the game from bankrupt last summer). Note that while the flag button won't work, it is a way to reset the controls and get the arrows back most of the time.

    This map only exists as an attempt to offer a free alternative after Google abusively increased their prices by 1400%, killing any hope of a free Geoguessr using Google services. Mapillary is way less expensive, and their data is provided by random people taking pictures with their own camera (and 360° cameras are expensive and bad quality compared to Google's custom camera, so most people use regular camera, dahscams or phones). And it really shows how powerful Google is considering Mapillary is their best competitor, and how they can increase their prices as much as they want since nobody will prevent them from doing it.

    I think we can all agree Mapillary isn't suited for Geoguessr at all because of the lack of 360° pictures. But all the other maps that you can play with a pro account (or for free using challenge links) won't have most of the problems you have on the free map since they all use Google Maps. Black screens will be the most common problem mostly because of Google removing data at any time, making it extremely hard to counter for Geoguessr. Anyways you can try the pro 10 days for free (except if you take the Paypal plan) and cancel the subscription if you don't want to spend money.
  • Chris, thank for the list.
    The only one I've encountered is being able to only move a few feet at a time. This takes all the fun out of the game and makes it an exercise in frustration. It happens at least once every game so I'm learning a lot about frustration.
    Kim Hanson

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