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List of challenges on a website?

Hello 😀

i'm making a website in french with quizz and guides for geoguessr :

i was wondering what i am allowed to do with challenges. I was thinking about having a list of challenges available, for training specific team game modes (for example a 3 player mode where each player is at the same latitude, which requires one specific challenge for each player because the 5 locations need to be in the same order). I know that i can share challenge links with friends but i dont know if it is ok for me to post challenges on a publicly accessible website. what is your policy regarding publishing challenge links? Is it allowed, or forbidden, or tolerated under certain circumstances?

Thanks for your anwer.


  • Hiya!

    You can share challenges if you want to. But if you are for instance having an extension or bot that creates challenges automatically then it goes against our terms.

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