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Limitting competetive for new players and elo recovery

There should exist a limit for the new players (up to 2-3 weeks old accounts), or not allow new players to play in competitive. The player who is banned for cheating will just make a new account. For example, a limit would be a certain rating a player can reach while being on a new account. How can you reach a 900 rating but your account is relatively new, something fishy is happening. Another example of a limit would be playing a certain amount of games before getting into competitive.

If a player is banned for cheating, all players that lost to him should get at least 10% of the elo they lost.


  • If you ban people from competitive in the first 2-3 weeks, the only thing you will accomplish is that people who are completely new to Geoguessr will never be able to properly get into the game. No one is going to make an account for any game and then wait 2-3 weeks before they can properly play the game.

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