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Let us see the precise location in Battle Royale after we get it correct

After winning a round, I would like to be able to look at the map and see our precise location while we're waiting. This would make it more useful to learn about places or cities we don't know, especially when we are in a larger or more geographically diverse country.


  • Yes please !
  • Agree.
  • Was going to say something like this. I've discovered so many amazing places on geoguessr, it would be cool if you could find them in the battle royale too.
    Maybe show the locations after you get kicked out/win. U'll work something out.
  • I was looking for this suggestion. Yes, please!
  • Thanks for the suggestion! We will see if we can add it to Battle Royale Countries down the line. At least the location is there for Distance now 😀

  • This feature would be wonderful, to come back on a location at the end of the game. To check what we missed or getting more details.
    Would love it.
  • Came here to suggest the same. Would really appreciate knowing where the location is in more detail after winning - or even losing - a round.
  • Guys, please! Very useful and interesting to explore the world via your failures 😃
  • It would be very welcome to be able to visit the locations in the Countries and Distance modes, as well as to have a round summary.

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