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Left out countries?

Hey there! I live in New Zealand, and decided to see how long it would take me to play until I got a location in my country. It never happened, and after a few hours I simply gave up. I know that you have plenty of data for New Zealand based on google maps, but New Zealand, along with other countries such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland and many many pacific islands never even showed up once.
Most times I was getting the middle of nowhere, Australia, the US, Canada, Russia and Brasil which gets boring quick and I was wondering why there isnt much diversity when it comes to other countries, Such as NZ.

Can you please have some more country diversity.

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  • Hello James. Thanks for playing. Unfortunately, coordinate diversity is a known issue of the beta today. Unfortunately the larger countries have a statistical advantage. We're working on adding more dimensions to the calculations behind this to improve and balance the overall game experience. Our general feeling is that this has to be improved further before we can consider promoting the beta to be the next GeoGuessr.

    Stay tuned and thanks for providing feedback.


  • I'm in New Zealand too and have played heaps and never had New Zealand. So disappointing.

  • Hi Hilary

    Sorry to hear that, as Erland stated the smaller countries have a disadvantage when it comes to the location selection. However, we're working on adding more "country specific maps" (like the current UK, USA, Japan maps) to, among other things, allow smaller countries to shine.
    I've noted New Zealand on our list for future maps, so stay tuned!

    Kind regards

  • Hi there - I share this complaint, because I inevitably always find myself dropped into Brazil, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, or Canada (always Western Canada, and almost always British Columbia). I get the US about 1 out of every 6-7 rounds (i.e., not quite once a 5-round game). Maybe gotten Australia 5 or 6 times total. Have gotten Spain once, England once, Mexico once, France once, Japan once, Thailand twice and Italy a couple times.

    If it's based on country size, I have no idea why I get Finland and Estonia so often. Is it based on wide open spaces? I almost never seem to get dropped into the middle of an urbanized area. And it's only thanks to Google translate and me being able to reproduce Cyrillic letters into Microsoft Word that I could even hope to come close to getting a Russian clue.

    Basically: more variety, PLEASE! I know you're limited to Google Street View territory, but there's much more of the US, all of Eastern Canada, most of Western Europe and the UK, not to mention NZ, South Africa, Botwana, Colombia, et al. that I have yet to see.

  • Hi Nick

    Thank you for your feedback! The variety is one the things that we're working on improving and your feedback is very important since this is an issue that can be hard for us to fully test. From a technical point of view there are a few other parameters, besides the size of the country, that influence the selection of the locations and hopefully we'll be able to reach a fairer distribution soon.

    Kind regards

  • Hi James, here's at least one of the countries you were missing 😀


  • Yes, I do get Russia and Brazil, a lot. But I have been dropped into New Zealand a number of times. I also get a lot of Sweden. Russia and Thailand (especially Thailand) are always difficult because of the language. I love the game, the most annoying part is when I get bad/old film and can't read any of the signage.

    Dee G.
  • Hi Dee,

    Yea the low quality street views can be annoying, they are old and Google are constantly replacing them with newly taken images. Hopefully they'll be gone soon.

    Thanks for playing!



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