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Leaderboard of a map


I am doing an Event with prizes for the Top 5 of a map but I can only see the Leaderboard of the Top 4.

Could it be possible to have access to the entire leaderboard?



  • You need to create a challenge link and send the link to the players. This way you'll have access to the complete leaderboard and all players will play the same locations in the same order.

    Note: you also need to complete the challenge to see the leaderboard. Just throw 5 random guesses if you're not part of the players.
  • I did it and I only see the Top 4.

    I noticed that ididn't made the Challenge link
  • If you didn't make a challenge link then you can't see any leaderboard. To make one just go on the map, click play and select challenge. You need a pro account to do it. Then you can share the resulting link to the other players and they can play with a regular or a pro account. Once they finished the 5 rounds they will be added to a dedicated leaderboard for the challenge, with time spent, error distance and scores.

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