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large group event

I would like to host a event for a company and will have a large group (could be over 100).  I am not extremely familiar with your games, so excuse the lack of proper names.  
This would be for 1 day and we would play multiple games of your standard multiplayer game but with a closed lobby (only the company members).
1) how many people can play the standard timed multiplayer game?
2) would each person need to create their own account (my company would not support as something company sponsored)? is there a way for me to load the names of players?
3) is there a good video that shows how the game is played that I can share with my recognition committee so they understand the concept?

Charles Harrigan


  • Hi Charles,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    There are a couple of different ways you could use our game for an event. It depends on what game-mode you prefer.

    We do not have any videos on the site. However there are a lot of different videos on Youtube where Streamers show how to make map, how to play different modes, tips and tricks etc. 

    Battle Royale
    The maximum number of players in a private lobby (Play with Friends) is 10. If you are 1000 people you can have 10 individual Pro-accounts (only a Pro-account is needed to set up a private lobby and then free-accounts can join).

    Challenges on different Game Modes
    With an individual Pro-account you can create a challenge on an already made Map, a country streak, state streak or create your own map and then send as challenge to free-accounts to play. And then you can see the results. So for this you would only need one Pro-account and then you can challenge for instance 99 free-accounts. But everyone needs to sign up (this can be done with email/password or Facebook/Google).

    Group Plans
    We do also offer the Group Plans, where you can add 15, 30 or 100 people depending on the package. You can find more info on both Individual Pro-subscriptions and Group Plans here.

    The perk of the Group Plans is of course that everyone has a Pro-account and are not as limited as the previous option with individual Pro-accounts and free-accounts.

    Send me an email to if you have further questions.

  • For the group plan, is there an easy way for me to add/maintain the individuals?   My company would prefer to not have the requirement of each individual creating an account.
    Charles Harrigan
  • Everyone would need to create an account with the group plan as well. At the moment we do not have an alternative as others (join with a code for instance).

  • with the individual plan can you play geogueser battle royale with 30 people?
  • Hi,

    We have a limitation of 10 players per game for Battle Royale in Play with Friends private parties.

    One pro account is needed to start a game so therefore 3 pro accounts would be needed and then the rest (27) can have free accounts.

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