Laos vs Thailand

I've just found the starting location for a Laos map (#5 of the set in Explorer) -- but the location is actually in Thailand (coordinates 19.5937563,101.0795969)! There are no Google Streetview roads in Laos that are even remotely close to it.

I hesitate to make a guess on the Explorer map, since it isn't in the "right" country. 

Any suggestions?  Thanks!


  • You have to guess where you start even if the location if in another country. What matters is the distance between your guess and the starting location, not the country.

    This problem happens with countries that have almost no Street View so the game sometimes picks locations nearby.
  • Thank you for the explanation; identifying the location in Thailand worked perfectly!

  • @Mapper: That doesn't make any sense. The country maps rules are very clear: guess a location in that particular country. You will never land in the US if you play Australia. If you dont care which country, there is world map for you to play. Playing the "Laos" map should only give you location in Laos. This is a problem with the border drawings that are used to determine which locations are allowed to happen. It is a mistake!
    @dogwoodnc is completely justified with this. Needs to be fixed!
  • Yepp we are aware of the issue with some locations being off and we are working on a fix for this.

    In the meantime if its Streak I can revive these if you send the Game-ID to
  • Thank you, Filip!

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