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Kyiv in city streaks mode

In "city streaks" mode Kyiv called by its Russian-based name "Kiev". For me as a ukrainian it's a little bit unpleasant. I hope that you will change the name of ukrainian capital to "Kyiv" according to international transliteration. Thank you!



  • Kiev is the most commonly used name in the world, most language use it (or similar variants like Kiew). For example as a French and Portuguese I never see Kyiv, only Kiev. Devs are Swedish which use Kiev as well.

    English uses both Kiev and Kyiv but Kiev is more known. People will probably struggle more if Kyiv is used instead of Kiev. A workaround would be using "Kyiv/Kiev", or maybe use tranlsated names based on the language selected by the user as the website now allows selecting some languages.
  • I agree that the correct English spelling is now Kyiv.
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