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Keeps crashing Firefox

It's an odd sort of crash. The screen goes black in patches wherever the cursor goes. I have to shut the browser (Firefox) down and restart. I haven't been able to finish a full five rounds. Otherwise, I love the game!

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  • Hi, I'm having an issue on my mom's computer with exactly the same symptoms. Browser is the latest version of FireFox, Flash is up to date. Computer has a Nvidia GPU, don't remember the model off-hand though.

    Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks!

  • Just another note, she is running WinXP Pro with Service Pack 3

  • Hey guys. I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I don't think where is much we can do from the application side to remedy these kinds of issues. From the symptoms you guys describe, it sounds like this is related to hardware and/or driver issues. To make things even more complicated it could be a combination of an OS, Graphic Card, Driver, Browser type/version etc that doesn't play nicely together. Depending on what hardware you have, the streetview application can be rather demanding on your machine.

    @Kody: If you updated your browser and graphic driver, what's left to do is perhaps to switch to different browser.


  • yeah, I've been trying to play for a couple of days. I have a completely up to date computer and firefox, but geoguessr is choosing a random time when I click and shutting down firefox and all my tabs.

  • Hey Aaron. I'm sorry to hear that. We're working on the Firefox issues.

  • My advice to FF users - don't use FF, and clean the cache after every challenge. I use Safari for Geoguessr, though FF is still my default browser. I think that for GeoGuessr, any other browser has to be better than FF.

    I've given up playing GG on Firefox - it just goes slower and slower to the point where I'm barely moving. By the 5th challenge, Activity Monitor shows FF 30.0 using more than 2 GB of RAM! That's fully half my RAM!

    I would clear the cache while playing except that FF is really bad about this - even when I'm not playing Geoguessr, it inevitably hangs when I try to clear, and I end up having to Force Quit (this is a fairly new issue with FF, maybe for the last year or two, and Mozilla has done nothing about it). So there goes whatever I was doing - the only upside is that it recovers when I reboot, and I understand GG has made it possible to resume the game if it crashes, so maybe that works after Force Quit?

    So now I use Safari - and I clean the cache after every challenge in a game; Safari has no issues with cleaning the cache, unlike FF. The memory buildup still occurs, but to about 1 GB or so rather than twice that much. The game remains playable, if a little slow by the 5th challenge.

  • Hey William and all you brave awesome (and patient) players of GeoGuessr.

    I can confirm the Firefox issues further. We've managed to reproduce the massive memory consumption using nothing but an empty StreetView-controller (i.e. no GeoGuessr-game), walking around and/or panning. As more tiles are being loaded the memory goes up without ever going down. Even reloading the entire page doesn't release the memory. Unfortunately this behavior still stands even in the nightly builds of the browser, thus it is unlikely to be addressed within the near future.

    I know this is frustrating for you guys. We're currently trying different loading patterns in order to "walk" around this disturbing behavior. Thanks for your patience.



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