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Keep getting the same spots on USA

I've been playing the USA map pretty frequently and I've hit the same exact spots probably 6-7 times, sometimes hitting the same spot 3 or 4 times. It appears to not be truly random, but just a large list of preset locations, and I'm running through ones I've seen already. Is there any way for it to be truly random, or at least generate a bunch more locations? It kinda takes the fun out of the game when you're like "oh, it's Dawson Minnesota for the 3rd time this week"
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  • Hi Gabe

    Sorry for the late reply! That is weird and should not be happening. Could you please verify that you are playing the official US map (i.e.

  • Yes, that's the only map/url I ever play. It seems you use a preset list of locations. It's not truly random. I've had the exact same spots more times than I can count at this point. I play GeoGuessr pretty much daily. I'm not talking about it putting me nearby, I'm talking about the exact same spot, like a blurry barn in rural eastern Washington that it's put me in front of 3 times, or the same exact intersection in McCook, Nebraska.
  • Mapcrunch seems to have no problem giving me truly random locations so I'm not sure what the problem is
  • Geoguessr maps are saved with a list of locations that are randomly created. Usually the maps have at least thousands of places (USA being one of the most complete maps according to my data analysis) so while you can still have few repeats you should be able to play hundred of games with only new locations. But randomness can give the same location, I already got the same bridge in Canada map three times in the same challenge for example. I don't know how much you played but I don't remember getting many repeats in US map (then I didn't play the US map as much as the world map).
  • Hi, are you still experiencing this? As KillerMapper said we usually don't get this for the US map. For ex Famous Places have a much more limited pool of locations so there it's expected to happen..

  • Yeah, once in a while I get the same spot again. Why can't it be truly random, like how MapCrunch gets random locations?

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