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Kahoot-like challenge mode

I've seen threads like the "Multiplayer function" and I would like to emphasize that I have paid for Geoguessr for a year but almost cancelled before the trial period because all challenged people need to register user accounts. There are so many scenarios (class room, young family members) where I don't want the hassle of creating accounts or asking them to create accounts and remember passwords.

I want and need a Kahoot-like experience where a secret and a self-chosen nick is all you need to play. Would be so much fun - and not having it removes so much of the potential usefulness of having a paid account. Please! 😀
Hallvord R. M. Steen


  • Heyo!

    I agree, it would be a better experience for Events or larger groups of people to join with a code like Jackbox as well.

    We shall see if we can add it down the line 😀


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