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Just one suggestion!

Love the game! It would be great to be able to log in and have a profile where we could view a saved list of every location we've been dropped in and even revisit those spots on the map. I often grow attached to a location and then forget where it was once I exit the game, so a saved list of locations would be really nice!

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  • Hi Skye. As it happens, we're working on this right now. Thank you for confirming that we're doing the right thing.


  • Cool, that would be my suggestion also. Perhaps it could keep an average score for your guesses and a score list to see how you compare to other players. I challenged my wife but I was disappointed she didn't have the same maps I had so we could compare how we did against each other.

  • More great ideas, thanks. There are discussions on what stats to present for users who register themselves right now.



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