just how?XD

i spawn in the middle of forest and there is no way out I go one way after a while there is no move on I go to the other the same. situation happened on the country streak and I don't know what to do next because I'm in the middle of the forest. i dunno is maybe brasil or something next to brasil

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  • Hi,

    Take a guess, and if its the wrong one - send me an email to subscription@geoguessr.com with the Game-ID (can be found under Activities) and I can revive it for you 👍

  • yea but I don't want the game to be restored, I'd rather if you could delete this spot because in the future, if someone finds it, maybe let's destroy someone's record. and it is in uganda next to the border with drc in semuliki national park

  • <https://goo.gl/maps/zevyfqwhBjordoTYA> I travelled along the trail for a few minutes and found the country flag on this ranger. This is definitely possible to get the country but I guess you need to be a bit lucky to find him and have the flag visible (I actually found him multiple times but the flag is not always visible).

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