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I’ve been charged twice for the yearly subscription

Hi there,
My card has been charged twice for the yearly subscription which is a bit odd.
Just wondering if you could review it please because I only paid for 1 year not 2


  • Sorry again but it’s turns out I have no use for geo guesser anymore and I completely forgot to cancel my subscription for the yearly. Would there be any chance you could refund me please $70.54 AUD is a lot of money for me

    Thanks in advance
  • Hello,

    I can only find one charge on your email. I've refunded that and it should arrive within 5 days.
    Kindly send an email to with the following answers:

    If you have you created 2 accounts?

    - Order number from both invoices
    - The correct email

    as well as:
    - Last 4 digits of the Credit Card
    - Expiration date (MM/YY)
    - Full name of card holder
    - Card type (Credit/Debit VISA/MC/Mastercard etc)
    - Date of the last transaction + amount


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