It's always Fiji

I once enjoyed your geogrpahy game guesser.

You have ruined it because you are greedy.

When the screen refreshes in challenge mode, the same map is shown for multiple rounds, however when a guess is made, the correct answer does not correspond to the images shown.

I was shown 3 consecutive images in Japan, however on the 2nd and 3rd showing, the correct location was in Fiji. I was not aware that Iwate Bank, a small regional Japanese bank, had colonised an island of Fiji, simply to craft the island in the image of rural Iwate and expand their hungry empire of Japanese regional retail banking imperialism.

On a serious note, you have ruined my morning. This never happened before the pro version was released. How can you ask me to pay for the game, when you have devestated the game far worse than Iwate was devsasted by the tsunami in 2011. Or did it hit Fiji? I forget.

Thank you, probably never using your website again.


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