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Issues with Friends after recent new UI update

Not a total fan of the new interface but I can get past it.

Issue 1:
My friend can't simply join my party automatically now, I have to get and send him a code every single time. Before, the party would have us in there and it would be automatic. I could make and name my party which was static, which may be the party is just now called "<USER>'s Party"

Issue 2:
My friend is online and can see my daily challenge results, but I can't see theirs. (screenshot attached)



  • Thanks for reporting Adam!

    I believe the second problem is due to that free-accounts are not showing up in the Friends List of the DC, so both the total and the friends leaderboard have the same logic where only Pro accounts show up. However we have a ticket on that.

    Will relay these two on to the team 🙂

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