Issues playing the game

Every map I use recently, whenever I get to a turning/intersection, I lose the ability to keep going in a different direction, and can only go back the way I came (only one arrow visible at end of the street). So basically I can only ever view the street I start on, which makes the game unplayable.


  • Hi Jack,

    Seems strange. Some Maps can of course have locations where there is no more street view which then causes it. But if it is for all maps then I would assume it can be some local issue.

    Any examples of Maps you have played or specific locations? Is it the Free game or other maps as well?

    Have you tried some of the the troubleshooting we have in this guide?

  • I play the Free game, UK maps only, and I've only had it in the last few days, really weird. I first noticed it on a city centre map with lots of different routes, where it was clearly obvious that I should be able to go down other streets (as opposed to more rural routes).

  • Strange. The Free Game is not provided by Google but Mapillary, I will send this further to the team to see if they have made some update or something from their end.
  • The free version only has a world map AFAIK so they probably meant the free daily game.

    The problem with the arrows is likely to be from the latest update of Google Street View that occurred last Friday, which broke a lot of things. GeoGuessr can't do anything, we have to wait for Google to fix the problem. It looks like they are on it as they just reverted some changes right now. Maybe it will be fixed soon but I would give it a few more days.

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