Is this possible!?!?!?

I loged in after a couple of weeks not playing and found out new interface and ALL OF MY HARDWORKING HISTORY DELETED!!!! from a game. Nothing's left, my records, ongoing games, my maps, EVERYTHING!!! WHY???????????? Do I have to remind you that I pay to have this game and you tricked me and stole everything I was doing and investing for years since I became PRO. Who and how will fix this!?!?!?!?!??


  • I had like 20 my maps I loved, 264 coutry streak, highscore overall close to 25K. What you did is beyond imaginable, I am very very sad and very very angry!!!
  • Hi,

    We have not removed any stats, maps etc. You can find everything here -

    Your ongoing games are here -
    Your Maps are here -
    Your liked Maps are here -
  • thank you Filip, these links work but I don't know how to open them thru game, just thru these links, when I open game there's no my profile pic, I'm at entry tourist level (number 1) so I still would like to know why is that, if you want I can send you printscreens, you also wouldn't like for you to see this status at your profile. So you removed everything from frontpage to /me/profile page and at the front page I'm an entry level amateur, it's still not cool. please explain!? Thank you for your quick response!
    Sergio (geoguru81)
  • You can open them by clicking on your profile on the right. Most likely you are logging in to the wrong account if you are level 1 Tourist.

    You are on level 17 with this email.

  • OK once again thanks a bunch, I think I discovered a bug in a new game. I do not have diff accounts but today I was at work and when I logged in, it was all empty, now I'm at home and it is ay okay. Is it because my home comp is the comp I originally came to GeoGuessr and my computer at work was later logged to the game, why should there be any difference from which computer I'm logging into game!? Thanks in advance! All the best!
    Sergio (geoguru81)
  • There is no difference. I do not know what you mean.

    Glad it worked.

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