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Is there an iPhone app where I can challenge friends (Pro mode?)

I want to play this on my phone and be able to challenge friends by sending them a link. I don't mind paying for a pro account but don't see that option on the iPhone app. Also there are a few similar apps and I don't want to purchase the wrong copy-cat one.


  • Hi,

    We do have an app but not one with a challenge atm.

    We are however working on the new app, and it will be released soon 😃

  • Thank you! I think I will pay for it when I can play and also challenge my friends on their phones. Is there a way I can get a notification? I have an account on your website and I also have the free iPhone app. Thanks

  • Hi Jim,

    The app will most likely trigger an update. Im not sure if Challenges will be in the first edition however. But if not, we will always add more things on 😀

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