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Is the World map suited to be base of competitive Geoguessr?

I'm coming from playing a lot of custom maps, so that's what I'm used to. After playing some duels lately I seem to notice that a lot of locations are situated in the country's capitals.

From my research, it seems that you changed the world map some years ago, so as to have a lot less rural content. Also they you boosted the frequency of smaller nations a lot. I get that this is a welcome change for casual players. But I'd argue that the high amount of capital locations and the high frequency of small countries makes the game less fun for experienced players.

To sum up, it seems the World map was tuned to be more fun for new players. While likely fulfilling this goal, it also made the game less fun for experienced players. It makes the game less diverse and easier. But when over half the rounds in duels are auto-guess for the high ranked players, it's honestly a lot less fun to play it. The game is still fun though, despite this, which is a large testament to the quality of the game.

What can be done to make the game more fun for experienced players then? I'd say that instead of playing solely World, the competitive game game modes should feature popular community maps.

One way would be to have each division have a map rotation consisting of for example the 10 maps most played by that division's players last week (outside of competitive). If a map breaks, people will play it less, so this should require minimal administration or petting from you guys, once you have it up and running.

Note: I'm making the assumption in this post that the World map is used for all competitive play. If that's false, my criticism goes towards the maps being used in competitive.
Eivind Olsnes


  • casual players make up well over 90% of the "competitive" player base. cant really blame geo for focusing on them. if you're really experienced just play on plonkit and let "competitive" be.

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