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Is the BR 50/50 option here to stay?

I am aware that this feature is very new at the time of asking this question, but is this something that is simply being tested out? Personally, I am not a fan of the feature as we are allowing people to filter their many possible guesses into 2 options which seem to be fairly different from each other every time. Of course, it requires knowledge to make it a few rounds into the game, but I do not think it is fair that someone could end up winning a game because they were stumped in a final round but still have their 50/50 guess. In the future, I could see this feature staying for the first round as the first round already gives you the full time which makes it easier to move on to the second round. I am also aware that you can not use your 50/50 guess until the lock-in time is up, but I do not think that provides enough relief to those that enjoy moving around and searching for clues. I think that many can agree that the most rewarding rounds are those that are not obvious and require some exploring. If players are now given the option to simply guess between two countries, one of which may have already been visibly guessed by another player, it takes away from this.


  • I agree, i already don't like it... it should be about skill not a 50/50 chance to stay in the semi finals...
  • I think it should be removed entirely. It makes final rounds horrible, it doesn't feel good, and the reward to new players isn't significant. It just makes experienced players feel cut out of the game, and making it feel like skill is less important
  • Should be removed as fast as possible. Ruins the whole Battle Royale.
  • I totally agree. It should be at least removed from the final two or three rounds. Both winning with it as well as losing against it feels stupid.
  • Hey!

    Thanks for the feedback! We have made some changes to this power up. For instance you can use it on the lock-period, but someone that does not have the 50/50 can also guess in this period and then if both are correct it will be a new map.

    Also all previous guesses made wont be visible when you select to use 50/50.

    I will send the feedback on to the team!

  • Doesn't that make it even more powerful, if you can now use it on the lock-period. The most fun rounds are the finals and semifinals, where you have to search for clues. Theres a good chance that the 50/50 now cancels these rounds even more often because you really have to make a pick within the lock-period.

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