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iPad ingame navigation issue “distance tapping“

Hi there,

I have an issue playing on an iPad:

When I start a game, I can double tap on a point in the distance to travel faster. Let’s call it “distance tapping” for now.
BUT when I use the arrows to navigate just once I loose this ability for distance tapping. From now on I can double tap in the distance but nothing will happen. The only way to get it back is to refresh the browser (not an option).

Its the same in Chrom, Firefox, opera … so I guess it’s not a browser issue.
in the iOS app it’s working fine, but it misses to much of the game experience compared to playing in a browser. So it is not really an option.

is this a known issue and is there a way to fix this? I will also continue to search for a solution and post it here.

im playing on an iPad Air 2020on iOS 14.7.1




  • Thanks for sending this over.

    I have relayed it on to the team to see if it something we can incorporate on to the App as well 🙂


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