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Ipad app: when using the return to start flag, why does the map reset and my location pin disappear?

So I start a game on Ipad and head away from the start location to figure out where I am. I then zoom in and place a pin on the map when I find something I can see. Obviously I then want to return to the start, to fine tune the pin and make my guess more accurate.

Except when I hit the return to start flag, the map completely zooms out and my pin disappears. I always have to zoom right back in on the map and try to remember where on earth I was... why does this happen...?!

It’s supposed to be returning the images to the start location - not the map to the start of the game. I know this because it doesn’t have this behaviour in the browser version. Seriously, force-removing the pin I have placed in the map is outright unhelpful and wastes time unnecessarily...
Dave Thomas


  • That makes a lot of sense. The iOS-app has not received the love it deserves lately, but I will make sure to keep this in mind for our next update.

  • Thanks Jesper! I appreciate you taking this on board and will look forward to the next update. Apart from this annoyance, the app version works so well!

  • I would love to see the ipad/iphone app get some love!  I just bought a pro membership and was disappointed to realize that it doesn't unlock the same features as on the desktop verison.  I'm sure the desktop is a better experience, but the last thing I want to do in the evening is sit at my desk to play a game, after sitting at a desk all day for work.  Please please please give the app some love, we live in a mobile app world! 😀
  • Hi Josh,

    Yeah I can relate to not wanting to sit at the desktop 24/7 (still I do it from time to time i'm afraid).

    We have some plans on the app, so hopefully in the future we can offer something better than at the moment! 😀

  • So, this exact same issue is happening to me on the android version right now. This thread came up on Google when trying to see if it's a known issue. Is there a fix coming for it eventually?

    Thanks for making this amazing game, by the way. I love it.
  • Hi Tim!

    Can you provide the following information and I will send this on to the App-team to see if they can replicate:

    - Device
    - Version of Android

  • Tim
  • Great thanks Tim, I have sent it on to the App-team to look further into.

  • Awesome, thank you sir!

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