iOS 16 Issues

After the iOS16 update, Maps are jumping around during the competitive mode: Battle Royal Countries.  Lost a lot of division points.
Mark Amargo


  • Heyo! What do you mean with that Maps are jumping around? Are you getting black screens or duplicate locations?
  • I mean the location changes mid-round.  Typically, it has been occurring after answering the location of the first round in Battle Royal: Countries, where  as the second round start, I am in the correct location for the second round, and a few seconds go by and the location refreshes places me elsewhere in the world.  

    Example: the second round starts and I see that I am in South Korea, before I can answer, the location changes to Chile but the second round answer is still South Korea. (Meaning the location changes inside of a existing/ongoing round)
    Mark Amargo
  • I record my in-game play of the issue and uploaded it, unlisted, to my YouTube channel.
    Here is the link:

    This is an in-game capture video of what is going on in the mobile app. This location actually changed during the first round. In the video you can see that the Answer is the UK, but the location I was “changed” to was clearly not the UK.
    Mark Amargo
  • Thanks a lot for the information and the video highlighting the issue!

    Will raise further to the team. I believe its not related to the iOS update though, but just an issue with removed locations from Google (Which we have a job running that goes through them).

    Will update you in case we need anything else to be able to determine the issue.

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