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Inverted Mouse Controls

When i play GeoGuessr and click  to the right with the mouse the picture goes to the left same when i click to the left with mouse  the picture turn to the right.
Front and back are good  only left and right are inverted.
Only happens with mouse arrow keys are normal.
Is there a config to change it in geo ???



  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't really understand what you mean, are you just clicking on the street view to the left and right? If I click and hold/drag the view goes the same way as if I use the left/right arrows.

  • Is there an option now for reversing mouse controlls? im on PC and i would love to reserve controlls so that i actually look up when i go up with the mouse not down same for left and right. please add such an option if possible ( pretty it is since early 90's games ) besides that i love your game

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