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Invalid User Map

I bought a pro account today so I could create my own map. I saved my map once and came back to it later to edit it more. Now after over 2 hours I finished it, however I get a "Invalid user map" message every time I try to save it. It does this whether I try saving with publishing or not. Thank you.


  • Well, I ended up redoing the entire map. I made sure beforehand that the save button works and with a new map it did. So I start my new map, and now, after two hours, I go to click the save button and it has no response to my click. I can click other things on the screen and even change my map or the name of it. But I cannot save. If I refresh the page, my work is gone for the second time in a row. I love this game but I'm disappointed in the map making feature so far.
  • Hi Mark,

    That's sounds weird. I did some tests but cannot recreate the error. Are you creating a map with custom coordinates? If so how many are you adding, sounds like there's quite a few since it took so long time? Do you know roughly how many you added? If you create a new map now and add 5-6 coordinates, can you save then?

    Sorry about this, we'll figure it out!



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