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Invalid Email for registration - need help with password reset


i forgot the password to my GeoGuessr account, but apparently created my account (nickname creep007 with an invalid email address some time ago in 2017 (should be "t.winter[at]". The registration completed without error, so i didn’t notice it till now (my browser seems to have saved the mail address, but not the password).
I would like you to send the password reset link to my correct address (the one i'm writing this post with) and ideally correct the wrong address in your database, because it just doesn’t exist :/ I attached a picture of my browser session where i was once logged into my account (no, i didn’t fake it). What can’t be seen on the screenshot (most likely because of the actual session in chrome - i tried to log in via google+) is my map „koelner dom“.
I appreciate any kind of help, because i was working on my achievements…

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  • Hi Thomas,

    I've update your email to the one used here and sent a rest link. Let me know if it doesn't work!

  • Hi Mikael,

    thanks for sending the reset link. But i was on vacation and the 24h time window for the link was already over. Furthermore, i am unable to send a password reset myself via the changed mail address, because it still doesn't seem to be registered in the system. Could you resend the password reset, please?


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