Intruders in pro leagues

Me and my friends are organizing custom pro leagues for ourselves to compete with each other. However, for the second time someone somehow joined our league (even after starting it) and is playing against our rules. How I can kick him or at least prohibit new people from joining after league has been created.


  • Hi Jan,

    Sorry to hear that. It's something we didn't think of.. It definitely sounds like we need to add a "private league" option or at least prohibit users to join after the league has started. I'll look into it!

    Thanks for the feedback and have a great day!

  • Just had the same problem. Would love to make it invite only.
  • I thought it WAS invite only. Random person joined our league. Can't even see HOW it is even possible. 5 months on from someone else raising the issue and nothing implemented?
  • Same here.
    Useless to mention that we bought a group pro account mainly for playing league and that we will drop the account if this keeps happening.

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