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Introduce an option for map makers to manually change the minimum distance for 5k scores

This suggestion needs a little bit of explanation, but it could be huge for map makers, especially for pinpointable maps.

As everyone knows, you need to get very close to the actual location to get the maximum score of 5000. How close you need to guess of course depends on which map you are playing. Right now, the minimum distance for a 5k score on any map is at least 25 meters, regardless of how small the map is. The larger the area covered by the locations in a map, the larger this minimum becomes, up until a theoretical maximum of 200 meters. Most competitive world maps have a minimum 5k distance of around 180 meters. This distance quickly decreases for maps covering smaller regions. For example, if you play a map with locations in only Japan, this minimum 5k distance might be somewhere around 30 meters.

This causes an issue for people and communities that make pinpointable maps. The basic idea behind a pinpointable map is that theoretically, you can get a maximum 5k score on every location, given enough time and provided you are playing moving games. This is accomplished by putting locations on intersections, curves, or other findable and distinct positions on the map. This solves the problem where a location on, for example, a straight section of a road necessitates you to guesstimate your exact position (and possibly causing you to drop points for no reason other than blind luck).

For map makers, in a map with locations across the world, it is fairly easy to find pinpointable locations to include in their maps. The minimum distance for a 5k is like 180 meters after all, so there are lot of smaller road sections and curves that fit those requirements.

However, when people create pinpointable maps of smaller regions, like a country, this quickly becomes very difficult, because you are working with a much lower 5k distance of 25-30 meters. You basically need to put every location precisely on an intersection if you want them to be pinpointable. This means curves, small straight sections of roads, and other such locations are completely out and cannot be used on such maps.

This issue can be fixed. My suggestion is to include a slider of some sort in the map maker, that allows map makers to pick a custom minimum 5k distance for their map, ranging from 25 meters to 200 meters.

Such a slider could be very useful: if I am making a pinpointable map of (for example) the country of Lithuania, I wouldn't have to worry about putting every location super close to a pinpointable thing on the map. I would just set the slider to, say, 200 meters, and have a much wider range of potential locations available.

This turned into an essay, but I hope this suggestion makes sense and you take it into consideration. It would be much appreciated by the map making community. 😀


  • Thanks for the feedback! Have passed it on to the gang 👍
  • Cheers, thank you for the quick reply!

    Implementing a change like this would really make a world of difference for the map making community 😀

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