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Interested in playing but unable to finish just one game


I'm interested in playing Geoguesrr, it seems really fun. Unfortunately I'm unable to finish a single free game, so why would i ever start paying?

When i play a game everything seems fine, i'm walking around. When i get a grip on where i am and want to return to my starting point i'm unable to do so, every damn time! The "Return to start"-flag just doesn't do anything at all... If i dare to refresh the page and click "resume the game", i'm in totally different environment.

What a pity.
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  • The free map is broken, the flag won't work. Maybe related to the fact it uses Mapillary instead of Google Maps as it is way cheaper (Google Maps is too much expensive to let people play for free unlimitedly now).

    My advice is to look for challenge links on map pages: they can still be played for free and they use the actual game with Google Maps. Just remember challenges can have a timer and there is no way to know until you start playing them.
  • Ah, that makes sense, thanks for sharing. Seems kindy odd to keep a broken game up though.
  • kinda*
  • It was like an attempt to making a free counterpart but in the end it is clearly not suited for Geoguessr. I guess they keep it to not have a completely locked game but in my opinion it is not worth keeping it and makes a bad first impression. Too much people think the pro version would be the same when it's completely different (and way better).

    I still think this is a good way to show how powerful Google is when the best competitor of Google Maps / Streetview looks very poor. That's why Google can increase their prices so much without any consequences for them.

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