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"Information about this location" feature?

There are lots of maps that are really cool but without any information or context it feels like something is missing and that the player might not know anything about the location, and might not look up the location after the game is finished.

I'm suggesting some kind of "information box" where the player can read a bit about the location, under the game, or after they made their guess. A feature that would be good for many different maps, even "tourist attractions", "famous places" and similar.
Then people who are fast to say "is this place even famous?" could get a information box after their guess, telling them that the place is indeed visited by millions of tourists every year - for example.
It would also be perfect for maps like "Something terrible happened here" where there could be a small information box after every round describing what actually happened there.

This feature would of course not be available for everyone as that probably could lead to some kind of abuse. But one way to do it could be that map makers that are regulars/active on the site and have hundreds or thousands of plays on their maps could earn a badge that lets them add these information boxes to their maps.

Here is an example that I edited together fast right now, just to give a visual of what I'm actually talking about:

English is not my first language so I'm sorry in advance if my message is confusing.


  • Trivia would be fantastic, learning about places is my main reason for playing.
  • Could be interesting.

    I recently set out a "Safiya Nyggard was here" map.
    Safiya is a youtuber, I discovered geoGuessr watching her playing (and landing in the Australian desert, usually)

    The locations were kind of anonymous, as per se.
    They may need a context:
    - here is ballroom where she goes roller-disco in "I Dressed Like It Was 1977"-
    to say.
    Fabio Galletti
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback! This is something we have discussed as well, and I agree it would be cool to be able to add.

    "Here is Sweden, home of the founder of GeoGuessr" for instance!

    I will relay this to the rest of the team!

  • Nice.

    I got into so many maps with captivating titles that were "meh" for the lack of context.
    Battlefields, movie locations, wine towns.
    Fabio Galletti
  • A small improvement to the idea: a bull's eye, a pin, an arrow in the opening image.

    Like: *THAT'S" what you looking for.
    In the first pan, a blinking sign in front of the shop, the fountain, the statue, that electric car charger down at the end of this parking lot, the toilet sign in that corner, the door - and at the end the text: "that door marked is the entrance to the pub/museum/whatever"
    Fabio Galletti

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