Infinity gamemode on web version

Hello. Will be available the Infinity mode on the web version? It is my best on the phone, but I prefer the web version, but I just can't find a gamemode that I like on web (only the classic mode and with the "World" map only), so it would be great to play the Infinity mode on web as well, it is good to check my progress, how many place I explored through my gametime.


  • Hiya! Its not something we are actively working on since it was developed for mobile, but we shall see in the future if we can add it also.
  • Hello. Geoguessr would be soo much more fun if pro geoguessr was removed and everyone had infinite time! Me and my friends wouldnt need to wait 15 min everytime we finish a game. I would really really appriciate. Thanks and have a good day!

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