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inexactitude of supposedly correct locations

hi friends
loving your site & your game but because i like to try to find the exact point where the streetview camera was situated when it recorded the image you have chosen & frozen as your starting point
i am often disappointed by the apparent imprecision of your purportedly correct locations
so i am wondering if you cant improve this by placing your correct location markers only at the highest possible zoom levels
thanks & cheers

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  • How about this for inexactitude. If anyone else is unlucky enough to find themselves outside the SOL organic bakery in, spoiler alert, Brisbane, during a Mapzilla free game they will find their pinpoint precision will only warrant about 260 points. Because the map reference has been transposed from 27 28.835 S, to 27 28.835 N.  I cannot believe I am the first to land at this location, so why hasn't it been corrected yet. How many more unreported errors are out there, and how and to who, do we report them.
  • And here's another one for Mapzilla to remove. Presented with a rack of cycles at a train station, there will be fifty or so random unconnected images to ramble through, German village signs, Hungarian roads, a French Alps chalet restaurant, an Air France KLM aircraft, various cyclists, collapsed tropical bridges, a tropical garden and, of course, a black screen. I found over fifty different locations, but any guess will wrongly show the correct location as approximately 81.5 N, 82 E in the ocean north of the European continent. And I never did get back to the train station cycle rack.
  • What is Mapzilla?
  • Oops, should be Mapillary. Got mixed up with Bridezilla. No slur intended
  • ..and yet another. Should you be trying to escape in a white van, from a village with wet roads, but the van keeps switching direction, and/ or the scene changes from day to night, so you always end up by the orange building on the junction, here's a clue. You are a smidge west of Yekaterinberg. How big a smidge? About 30 km. This one is like trying to leave the Hotel California. Try ПИЛЬНАЯ. Come on, Mapillary, get it sorted, or delete this mess.
  • ...yet again, Mapillary, I'm in a one way street, cars parked both sides in boxes marked half roadway, half sidewalk with a contraflow cycle lane on the left. A Euro-zone country judging from some index plates, maybe France, Italy perhaps, all writing is too fuzzy to read. The correct location? Somewhere, at a guess, near the North pole, because it is off the top of the map and cannot be seen. I know these are all glitches on the free world map, but come on, it does not exactly inspire confidence. Still, 444 points is better than a poke with a sharp stick..

  • If you are looking for Norman Street, Detroit, it can be found in the Bering Sea. Keep up at the back there, Mapillary. Does anyone read these, because the Brisbane sourdough bakery is still in the North Pacific?


    I think Mapillary had some problem, the coverage is displayed correctly on their map, but not at the correct coordinates. I reported them the problem, but Geoguessr may have to refresh their location list in the future.
  • Seconding on the detroit-Bering Sea issue.  It's probably because the detroit location drops you in a cemetery, which might not be an available location anymore... It's no longer on google streetview anyway.
  • I don't think Mapillary can be blamed, per se.  It does not matter that StreetView has not visited the location, has it been to Easter Island, the Galapagos, Chatham Island or Ngapali beach. No, but the results for these are correct. Returning to Detroit, I have been presented with at least seven different start points, including the Holy Cross cemetery and they all give the same false result, close to King Island in the Bering Sea. There does not seem to be any checking done that 1; The upload really relates to its claimed position, and worse, 2; That bundled uploads have the same date-time stamp. Wait until you get the fifty or so unrelated images, or that any start, barring the correct one, from inside or outside Ibirapuera park, Sao Paulo has the same false result location. When using, it only picks from a limited range of less than 500 locations in my experience, and about thirty of these give a false result, there's nothing worse than having a max score up to the last guess, and then being presented with a location which is impossible to guess correctly. Unless of course, you get two in succession.

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