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incorrect counted distances

First: Thank you very much for this wonderful game. I've been travelling a lot around the globe with this.
But there's something annoying. I prefer to play it approaching top of the point, not some meters or even kilometers beneath. But that's, what happens to me. Look at this summary:
... there's a lack of 25 kilometers to make it complete ... but my hits had been exactly, screenshots are corresponding to the map without any deviation (maybe one or two meter) .. so I placed my "guess" ... and was treated as it just has been a guess, not a result.
I wouldn't write anything about this if there weren't publicated summaries with just two meters deviation and therewith earned 5k points.

Ulrich Steffen

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  • Hi Ulrich

    Thank you for contacting us!
    Do I understand you correctly in that you think that the distances has been miscalculated in the example that you provided? If that is the case, do you think that the markers (guess and location) are in the right spots in your example or are they off as well?

    Kind regards


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